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Public Notice:

Starting June 3rd, clerk hours will be expanding to 8:00 - 3:30

Submit Citizens Complaint


The Grand Jury may receive and investigate complaints by private citizens, local government officials, and local government employees regarding the actions and performance of public officials. Complaints requesting an investigation must be submitted in writing with a legible signature, address, and telephone number, and must include any supporting evidence available. Members of the Grand Jury are sworn to secrecy and, except in very rare instances, neither minutes nor records of its meetings can be subpoenaed by any outside body, thus assuring that all complaints will be handled in an entirely confidential manner. If the Grand Jury believes that the evidence submitted is sufficient or within their jurisdiction, a detailed investigation may be conducted. Complaints requesting a Grand Jury investigation must be mailed to the following address.

Communications from the public can provide valuable information to the Civil Grand Jury, which may prompt an investigation of a local government agency. Any citizen may submit concerns regarding mistreatment, suspicious misconduct or inefficiencies to the Civil Grand Jury for consideration on a Citizen Complaint Form.

All complaints must be submitted in writing and mailed to the following address:

San Benito County Civil Grand Jury
P.O. Box 1624
Hollister, CA 95024


  • Complaints must be submitted in writing; complaints are not accepted by phone;
  • The Civil Grand Jury does not investigate all complaints received. Investigations are at the discretion of the jury;
  • Investigation of your complaint cannot be confirmed; all investigations remain confidential until the Civil Grand Jury decides to include the findings in the final report;
  • Anonymous complaints may not be responded to if the Civil Grand Jury is unable to contact you for additional information related to the complaint;
  • The Civil Grand Jury cannot investigate activities outside their jurisdiction or criminal activity; all such complaints warranting investigation will be referred to the District Attorney or Attorney General;
  • The Grand Jury cannot investigate disputes between private parties.

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