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Public Notice:

Starting June 3rd, clerk hours will be expanding to 8:00 - 3:30

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Online Juror Summons Response

Alert!! Jury Scams!!

More than a dozen states, including California, have issued public warnings about calls from people claiming to be court officials or law enforcement officers.

  • Do not provide any information having to do with your bank or credit card to anyone claiming to be an officer of the court or of the law.
  • Be advised that official court personnel may contact you by telephone, but they will never ask for your personal information.
  • Jury staff of the San Benito County Superior Court will not ask past or prospective jurors for information regarding cash cards, credit cards, bank account information and social security numbers. Please do not provide this type of information to anyone claiming to be associated with or representing the San Benito County Superior Court jury system.

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