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Public Notice:

Starting June 3rd, clerk hours will be expanding to 8:00 - 3:30


Divisions Information

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  • Adoptions

    There are various types of adoptions; some handled by an agency and some by private parties. 

  • Appeals

    A non-prevailing party in a case may ask a higher court to review the decision in their case and determine if the decision was correct.

  • Civil

    The Civil Division of the court handles cases where one party sues another to recover money or property, enforce a contract, collect damages, or protect civil rights.

  • Criminal

    A criminal case is a proceeding in which someone is charged with a public offense, evidence is presented on both sides, and a decision is made as to the person's guilt.

  • Family Law

    Family Court Services serves parties who need to file for cases relating to family matters.

  • Guardianship

    Guardianship is a court proceeding in which a judge gives someone who is not the parent custody of a child, or the power to manage the child's property (called "estate"), or both.

  • Human Resources

    San Benito Superior Court’s Human Resources Department provides information and services regarding benefits, employment opportunities and much more.

  • Juvenile

    Juvenile Delinquency cases and Juvenile Dependency cases involve any persons under the age of 18 (minors).

  • Probate & Conservatorship

    Probate and Conservatorship matters address a person’s finances upon death or the care of an adult person that is unable to care for themselves or their finances.

  • Small Claims & Unlawful Detainers

    Small claims cases are lawsuits that do not exceed $7,500.  An unlawful detainer matter is a case in which a landlord seeks to evict a tenant.

  • Traffic Division

    The Traffic Division handles only Infraction matters for Traffic violations, Fish & Game violations, local city and county ordinances, boating, and dog/animal citations.

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