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Public Notice:

Starting June 3rd, clerk hours will be expanding to 8:00 - 3:30

Interpreter & Language Services

Ask for an interpreter

- Court Interpreters are free.

- You must ask for an interpreter in advance. 

If you don't speak English in everyday life, the situations and language in court can be very difficult. An interpreter can help make sure that you understand and can communicate as well as possible.

Tell the court in advance if you need an interpreter so we can make sure one is available for your court date.

For Criminal, Traffic, Juvenile, or Family Court Hearing: we will provide an interpreter. If one isn't available, we'll reschedule (continue) your case until one is.

For a civil or small claims hearing: we will provide an interpreter if one is available. If an interpreter is not available, you may be able to have a friend or relative (age 18 or over) act as an interpreter instead. If you bring a friend or relative to interpret, please have the person read the instructions and duties for interpreting in the information sheet called Foreign Language Interpreter’s Duties-Civil and Small Claims (INT-200).  You can search for  qualified (certified and registered) interpreters, at the Court Interpreters Program.

Language Access Forms

LA-400 - Service Not Available in My Language: Request to Change Court Order
This form will allow you to explain your language need to the court and request a different order.

LA-450 - Service Not Available in My Language: Order

For Service Providers

LA0350 - Notice of Available Language Assistance
Use this form to:

  • Tell the court that you are a service provider, program, or professional offering language assistance with services that may be ordered by a court; and
  • Provide information about the services you provide, the languages and types of language assistance available, and your service area.

Language Access Complaints

Language Access Services Complaint Form-English

Language Access Services Complaint Form-Spanish

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