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What is Law Day?

Every year on May 1st, Law Day is observed as a nationwide event dedicated to honoring the principles of the rule of law. This occasion serves as a chance to appreciate the role of law and the legal system in safeguarding our freedom, working towards justice, and upholding the collective freedoms cherished by all Americans.


San Benito superior court will be hosting our first annual Law Day on May 1st, 2024. This year, we will be inviting grades 9-12 to participate. All students, in San Benito County, attending public, private, or home school, may enter the contest.

Students are allowed to enter the contest either in Art form or Essay form. 

For a complete list of instructions and how to enter, please review the art and essay contest rules. 


All students in San Benito County who enter the contest will receive a certificate of participation. Individual scholarships, in the form of a gift card, will be awarded to the winners. The top entries will also be published on the Court’s website and social media platforms. Unless explicitly stated that the submission should not be made public, it is implied that the submission can be posted publicly as a winning entry.

Attention all teachers:

The class with the most entries, will also be awarded a pizza party hosted by a Judicial Officer of the Superior Court of California, County of San Benito.

For any questions:

Please email the

Important Legal Stuff:

Submissions will not be accepted and are ineligible if they include any other content that contains or appears to contain profane, obscene, or inappropriate material; glorify or condone, or endorse or encourage, any illegal activity; and/or include any derogatory characterization of any person or group based on age, race, color, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, marital status, mental or physical disability, citizenship, creed, national origin, physical appearance, political affiliation, union membership, or other unethical or unlawful factors.

All entries become the property of the Superior Court of California, County of San Benito. Students are encouraged to keep copies of their entries (if feasible). Excerpts from submissions may be displayed in the Judicial Branch publications and/or websites. Entries will not be used for commercial purposes. 

Theme: Voices Of Democracy

We encourage participants to express their ideas on “Voices of Democracy”. Within this theme, participants may discuss their idea on what Voices of Democracy means. Examples can include freedom of speech, civil rights movements, voting rights, and so forth. 


Click the link to see the required cover letter.

Click the link to see how to participate for the Essay Competition.

Click the link to see how to participate for the Art Competition.

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