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Starting June 3rd, clerk hours will be expanding to 8:00 - 3:30

Electronic Filing Service Provider

An electronic filing service provider (EFSP) is a third party that provides eFiling services. EFSP’s will pre-authorize and process payments for court filings and transmit your information and documents to the Court. Any fees, such as credit card transaction fees and/or convenience fees, that are paid in addition to filing fees are payable to the EFSP and not the Court. EFSPs are approved by the Court to ensure that all documents and information provided by the submitting parties will be received. It is the responsibility of the submitting party to include all necessary information and documentation to avoid rejection by the Court.

Approved electronic filing service providers (EFSP's) are listed below. The court has not evaluated what additional services may be available, if any, for the providers listed and encourages parties to select the provider that will meet your eFiling needs.

Approved EFSP list.

                Service Provider
1 eFile
123 E-Filing
A&A Legal Service
A&M Attorney Services
A2Z Attorney Service

AAA E-Filing (On Call Legal)
Accurate Document Imaging
Ace Attorney Service
Action Attorney Service
Action Serv LLC
Advanced Attorney Services
Advanced Microsystems Group Inc
AE Attorney Service
ALL-N-ONE Legal Support
AlphaDox (fka 2 Filing California)
Amstar Express
Angeles Legal Services
Apex Legal
Attorney Service
Attorney Service of San Dimas
Attorney’s Certified Services
Battle Attorney Service Inc
Bay Area File
Bender's Legal Service
Beyond eFile
BFRM Legal Support Services
Bosco Legal Services
By the Book
Cal West Attorney Services Inc
California Court Filing
CI&S Investigation
Class Action Research and Litigation Support Inc
CM Courier Service
Commercial Process Serving
Cookies Court Support
Countrywide Process
County Legal Service Inc.
County Process Servers
Court Connection
Court Link
Creekside E-Filing
D&T Legal Services
DDS Legal
Direct Legal
East Bay Messenger and Attorney Service
Eddings Attorney Service
e-Legal Services Inc.
Envoy Attorney Support
Express Network
First Legal
Flat Rate Process Service
Golden State Attorney Service
Golden State Legal Inc
Green Filing
I Serve Legal Support LLC
Interceptor Legal Support Service Inc.
Janney and Janney
Journal Technologies (JTI)
Laguna Legal Inc.
Legal Document Server INC.
Legal Document Specialist
Legal Eagle Document Retrieval
Legal e-File
Legal Fleet (fka Legal Zip)
Legal Lawgic Inc
Legal Photocopy Service
Legal Visit Inc
Legalese Attorney Service
LSS Legal Services
Nationwide Legal
Nationwide Legal Support Inc.
Notifeye Legal
OnDemand Legal
One Hour Delivery
One Legal
One Stop Legal Center
Online Legal Courier
Pacific Coast Legal
Pacific Coast Legal Services
PacTrack Legal
Peter With r.p.s. LLC
Process Server One
Quick Serve Legal Service
Rapid Legal
Reliable Attorney Service
Rezac Meyer Attorney Service
Rhino Process Serving LLC (fka L&L Legal Assistance)
River City Process Service Inc
RocSolid Legal
Run With It Servers
Saddleback Attorney Service
Same Day Attorney Service
Sayler Legal Service
Serving Others
Signal Attorney Service 
Steno Agency Inc.
Sterling Madison Company
Swift Attorney Service
T and G Services LLC
Tristar Software
True Legal Support Inc
Unisource Discovery
United Legal 
US Legal PRO 
USA Express
USA Legal Network
Way Filing Solutions
Wheels of Justice
Widely Legal, LLC
Win Win ALSSI Inc.
Zachs Legal Service

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