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Pague multas y cuotas

Pague sus multas o cuotas en línea ahora a través de nuestro sistema ePay-it.

Pago de multas de tránsito

Las multas se pueden pagar en persona, por sistemas automatizados, en línea y por correo.

Pago en línea

Si desea realizar su pago de tránsito en línea, haga clic en el botón a continuación.

Tenga en cuenta que el sistema solo acepta el pago completo. Solo aceptamos VISA y MasterCard.

Vaya a ePayIt

Pago en persona: efectivo, cheque o giro postal

Lleve su pago a:

División de Tránsito/Penal Condado de San Benito 450 Fourth Street Hollister, CA 95023 Horario de atención: 8:00 a. m. a 4:00 p. m.

Pago por correo: cheque o giro postal, no envíe dinero en efectivo

Envíe su pago por correo a:

División de Tránsito/Penal Condado de San Benito 450 Fourth Street Hollister, CA 95023

Cuando envíe un pago y/o documentos por correo, espere 10 días para su entrega y procesamiento.

Pago por sistema telefónico automatizado: tarjetas Visa, MasterCard y de débito

Para pagar mediante un sistema telefónico automatizado, llame al (831) 636-4057, opción 2, opción 1

Traffic Citation Advisements and Definitions:

Request for a Court Date- A request for a court date, without the deposit of bail, is a request for a first arraignment when you will be advised of your rights. It is not a request for a trail and the officer will not be present.

Court Trial- If you choose to contest the citation and would like a court trial with the officer present, you will need to make this request in writing. Please be advised that if you request a court trial and you are otherwise eligible for traffic school you will be GIVING UP YOUR AUTOMATIC RIGHT TO ATTEND TRAFFIC SCHOOL. You will be notified of your court trial by mail.

Proof of Correction- If you have been cited for a correctable violation, the violation will be dismissed only upon your receipt of proof of correction to the Clerk of the Court AND a $25 proof of correction fee. Only the DMV and Court can sign off for your corrections of registration and insurance.

Proof of insurance- If your proof of insurance shows you had insurance at the time of the citation, your case will be dismissed with a $25 proof of correction fee.

Traffic School Eligibility- You may NOT attend traffic school if any of the following occur: (1) if violation is a misdemeanor; (2) if violation is alcohol related; (3) if mandatory court appearance is required; (4) if you have attended traffic school anywhere in the last 18 months; or (5) if you were cited for driving in excess of 25 miles per hour over the speed limit. Upon receipt of bail and the traffic school fee, you may contact the DMV at 1-800-777-0133 or visit the DMV website for an approved listing of Traffic Violator Schools. You must attend a traffic school licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Traffic School Fees- You are required to pay an additional $52 administrative fee plus the bail amount, payable to the Superior Court, if you wish to be referred to traffic school. There will be a separate fee payable at the classes you attend.

Failure to Complete Traffic School- All licensed traffic schools are required to submit the completion certificate to the Courts electronically, on or before the completion date (approximately 60 days after referral). There are no extensions. If the Court does not receive the certificate by the due date, the conviction will be reported to the DMV.

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