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Gun Violence

  • Information on Gun Violence Restraining Orders

  • How to Ask for a Gun Violence Restraining Order and the Forms You Will Need

  • How to Submit Gun Violence Restraining Order Forms

Gun Violence Restraining Orders

SAFETY WARNING: “If you are in immediate danger, please call 911 or seek safety. Please note that websites you visit may be viewed by someone else later. Always clear your browsing history after searching the web. Consider using a public or friend’s computer if you are concerned about someone viewing your browsing history.”

A Gun Violence Restraining Order is a court order that prohibits someone from having a gun, ammunition, or magazines (ammunition storage and feeding devices).

You can request a Gun Violence Restraining Order if you are concerned someone you know is a threat to themselves or others.

A family member, roommate, employer, teacher, or law enforcement may request a Gun Violence Restraining Order.

There is no fee to request a Gun Violence Restraining Order.

Gun Violence Restraining Order Forms and FAQ

Superior Court of California

County of San Benito

450 Fourth Street

Hollister, CA 95023

(831) 636-4057, telephone hours 8:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Paperwork can be picked up and filled out at our Self-Help Center. You may also contact an attorney, legal document assistant (formerly known as a paralegal), or Victim Witness to see if they can help you prepare the court papers to request a restraining order.

Call 911 if you are in immediate danger.  Consult an attorney if you have questions regarding your legal rights.

Obtain the free packet of gun violence forms from the clerk's office (450 Fourth Street, M-F: 8:30-3:00pm), from our Self Help Center, or online.

The San Benito County Sheriff’s Department will serve restraining order paperwork (note there may be a fee charged depending on the type of restraining order you need served).

2301 Technology Parkway

Hollister, CA 95023

Phone 636-4080 x3

You can also ask someone you know, who is over 18 years old, to serve the papers or hire a private process server (see yellow pages for local process servers).  If someone over 18 serves the papers they must complete a proof of service stating the papers were served by them to the restrained party.

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