Local Resources for San Benito County:

Community Solutions Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

24 Hour Crisis Hotline: 1-877-363-7238

Domestic Violence Shelter

Emmaus House, Domestic Violence Shelter for Women and Children, Hollister, CA

24 Hour Crisis Hotline 1-877-778-7978 or 831-636-7224

Victim Witness
Division of the District Attorney's Office
419 Fourth Street
Hollister, CA 95023
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Local Law Enforcement Agencies:

Emergencies call 911

Hollister Police Department 
(non-emergency) (831) 636-4330

Sheriff Department, County San Benito
(non-emergency) (831) 636-4080

The National Domestic Violence Hotline Number:

1-800-799-7233/SAFE and web address

California Courts Self-Help Center -

California Secretary of State

Safe At Home, Confidential Address Program, California Secretary of State -

State Program for victims of domestic violence that includes: Confidential mail forwarding program, suppression of DMV records, confidential name change, registration to vote without address being made public.  To sign up you must contact an enrolling agent in your community such as Community Solutions listed above, or call 1-877-322-5227.

Restraining Order Procedures

You can download the forms that you will be receiving assistance at the Self-Help Center, below.
Domestic Violence Restraining Order (With Children) Packet
- This packet contains these forms (click to view & download)

Domestic Violence Restraining Order (Without Children) Packet
- This packet contains these forms (click to view & download)

Domestic Violence Restraining Order Renewal Packet
- This packet contains these forms (click to view & download)

Where Do I Go to Get Restraining Order Paperwork? Where is the Clerk of the Court?

Superior Court of California
County of San Benito
450 Fourth Street
Hollister, CA 95023
(831) 636-4057, telephone hours 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

You may also contact an attorney, legal document assistance (formerly known as a paralegal), Community Solutions or Victim Witness to see if they can help you prepare the court papers to request a restraining order (see first page for phone numbers for Community Solutions and Victim Witness).

What is the First Thing I Should Do?

Call 911 if you are in immediate danger.  Consult an attorney if you have questions regarding your legal rights.

Talk to local, regional, or national domestic violence agencies (see first page for phone numbers for some domestic violence agencies).

Obtain the free packet of domestic violence forms from the clerk's office (450 Fourth Street, M-F: 8-4)

Where Can I Go to Have the Papers Served?

The San Benito County Sheriff’s Department
2301 Technology Parkway
Hollister, CA 95023
Phone 636-4080 x3

Will serve restraining order paperwork (note there maybe a fee charged depending on the type of restraining order you need served).

You can also ask someone you know, who is over 18 years old, to serve the papers or hire a private process server (see yellow pages for local process servers).  If someone over 18 serves the papers they must complete a proof of service stating the papers were served by them to the restrained party.

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