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Traffic Court

When contacting the Court, PLEASE have your case number or citation number available. Thank you.

To Pay Your Fine Via Credit/Debit Card Please Click Here 

To Pay Your Fine By Phone Please Call (831)636-4027

I believe I am innocent - how do I fight the ticket?

Alternatively, if you know your rights and you are willing to give up your automatic right to attend traffic school, write on the courtesy notice, "I understand my options and I request a court trial," sign and date it, and return it to us in the envelope included with your courtesy notice. Writing this language on the courtesy notice indicates that you understand you are giving up your automatic right to go to traffic school. You and the officer will be notified of the trial date.

I'm willing to plead guilty,  but I'm eligible to attend traffic school (review eligibility guidelines below).


You must plead guilty, pay the amount of the bail, plus a $52 administrative fee. There will also be a separate fee payable at the class you attend. Send that amount to us and we will send you the information on traffic school for your area. You will have approximately 60 days from the time we process your payment to complete traffic school and return your completion certificate to us.

Not all violations require a mandatory hearing. If you were charged with an infraction (such as a moving violation), this date is a pay OR appear date. If you were charged with a misdemeanor, your appearance is mandatory.

The courtesy notice will be sent to the address on your ticket that was taken from your driver's license. If you do not receive a notice at least one week prior to your pay/appear date, call (831)  636-4027  and we will research it for you.

Do I still have to pay the fine if
 I'm eligible to attend traffic school?

Yes. You must pay the bail amount plus a $52 court administrative fee. 

Yes. The $52 administrative fee covers the cost of the Court processing the paper work with the DMV so the point does not go on your record. The schools have their own fee for putting on the class that range anywhere from $25 and up.

Can I attend traffic school online, video or home study?

Yes. You need to contact the court for more information. (831) 636-4027.

Do I count the 18 months for traffic school from the date I went to traffic school or from the date I received the ticket?

The 18 months is figured from violation date to violation date of when you received your tickets.

COURT TRIAL - If you would like to contest the traffic citation you must request that your case be set for a court trial. The Court will arrange to have the officer that issued the ticket present for the trial. If you contest the citation and are found guilty you will be GIVING UP YOUR AUTOMATIC RIGHT TO ATTEND TRAFFIC SCHOOL. You will need to request a court trial in writing indicating that you are aware you may no longer have the option of traffic school. You may also request a court trial via our automated phone system or our online system.  You must post bail in order to complete your request for a court trial (per VC40519).  You will be notified of your trial date by mail.  You can post your bail by credit/debit card, check, cash, or money order.  Automated phone system can be used by dialing 831-636-4027 and our web address is  If you are unable to post bail, you may contact the court at 831-636-4057 Monday through Friday from 8:00am-4:00pm for further instruction.

PROOF OF INSURANCE -If your proof of insurance shows you had insurance at the time of the citation, there is a $25 proof of correction fee.  If your proof of insurance shows you obtained insurance after the date of the citation, the fine is $350.00 and up.

TRAFFIC SCHOOL ELIGIBILITY - You may only attend traffic school for moving violations. You may NOT attend traffic school if any of the following occur: (1) if violation is a misdemeanor; (2) if violation is alcohol related; (3) if mandatory court appearance is required; (4) if you have attended traffic school anywhere within the last 18 months; or (5) if you were cited for driving in excess of 25 miles per hour over the speed limit. Effective September 20, 2005, Commercially-licensed drivers and those possessing hazardous materials endorsements are not eligible to attend traffic school for dismissal purposes.

TRAFFIC SCHOOL FEES - You will be required to pay a fee in the sum of $52.00, plus the amount of bail indicated on your courtesy notice, payable to "Superior Court".  There will be a separate fee at the class you attend.

Approved Traffic School Information-Click Here