Forms & Filing
The following forms are available in packets at Courthouse and some require a fee. You may purchase these forms in packets at the courthouse or you may access them by clicking on the links below. Please note, the forms listed below may not include every form you may need for your case.

Filing an action with the Superior Court normally requires a filing fee. Please see fee schedule for current fees. CLICK HERE.

Judicial Council Forms:

For additional forms not found locally below please visit the Judicial Branch of California website:

Filing Hours: 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday


Form Number Form Name Date of Adoption or Latest Revision Mandatory or Optional
SB-CH-1 Declaration re: Notice for Ex Parte Application for Orders 1/1/2020 Mandatory
SB-CR-1 Petition for Resentencing or for Reduction to Misdemeanor 1/1/2020 Optional
SB-CR-2 Response for Resentencing or for Reduction to Misdemeanor 1/1/2020 Optional
SB-CR-3 Order- Petition for Resentencing / Reduction 1/1/2020 Optional
SB-CV-1/FL-1 At-Issue Memorandum/Readiness Certificate 1/1/2020 Mandatory
SB-CV-2 Name Change Background Information Form 1/1/2020 Mandatory
SB-FL-2 Stipulation and Order for Custody or Visitation Mediation 1/1/2020 Optional
SB-JD-1 Juvenile Dependency Counsel Certification of Compentency 1/1/2020 Mandatory
SB-PR-1 Order Appointing Investigator (Guardianship) 1/1/2020 Mandatory
SB-PR-2 Confidential General Plan 1/1/2020 Mandatory
SB-PR-3 Petition for Reappointment of Conservatorship 1/1/2020 Mandatory
SB-FCSM-1 Family Law Intake Packet for Mediation 09/30/2020 Mandatory
MC-500 Media Request to Photograph, Record or Broadcast 1/1/2007 Mandatory
LEPC-English Language Access Services Complaint Form-English 9/1/2007  
LEPC-Spanish Language Access Services Complaint Form-Spanish 9/1/2007  
LA-350 Notice of Available Language Assistance-Service Provider 9/1/2019
LA-400 Service Not Available in My Lanugage: Request to Change Court Order 9/1/2019
LA-450 Service Not Available in My Language: Order 9/1/2019
MC-410 Information How to Request a Disability Accommodation for Court 1/1/2021
MC-410 Request Disability Accommodation Request 1/1/2021
SB-CSF-1 Copy and Search Request form 2020 09/30/2020
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